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ADA Compliance and Reasonable Accommodation in the Active Learning Classroom
The Americans with Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990, defined the needs for building accessibility and accommodation particularly for students. Over time there has been a trend to include the same accessibility and reasonable accommodation standards for instructors.
By Robert Kensinger Vice President of Sales Spectrum Industries Inc.
The leaders of America’s colleges and universities want to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), not only because it has been the law since 1990, but because they recognize it’s the right thing to do for their students who face physical and mental challenges to succeeding in the world of higher education. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the evolution of furniture requirements for both students and instructors in the classroom.
The requirements for ADA compliance are defined by the United States Government’s agency Access Board.
In the nearly 27 years since the AD…

Meet Our Territory Managers! November Edition

One Wednesday each month we are featuring one of our Territory Managers. This month we're introducing you to Brian Myhre, Territory Manager of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. A native of Eau Claire, WI, Brian Myhre is at home working with customers throughout his Midwest territory.

Brian began working for Spectrum in 1996 cleaning the dust collector in the rough mill, over the years he has moved through many different positions, including manufacturing, tech service, prototype shop, inside sales, and installation services, before becoming a territory manager. He truly knows the ins and outs of the company. 
“My favorite things about Spectrum are our quality products, our team and our customers,” said Myhre. “They all combine to create a fun and challenging environment with so much variety that no two days are the same.”
Myhre believes that customers are drawn to Spectrum for the same reason. They know that when they come to Spectrum they are going to ge…

What is a Modern Classroom?

EdSurge took the opportunity to ask educational professionals the question, “What does a 'Modern Classroom' look like and what should Educators leave behind?”

The answers were not unified, nor simple, but give a good look into the future of classrooms, including the attributes of collaboration, communication, reversed roles – teachers facilitate learning, messy, loud and fun.

You can learn more about EdSurge's article at