Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flex Training Table Q&A with Sue Emerson

Have you heard of our Flex Training Table system? This adaptable system allows you to effortlessly reconfigure a room from straight and round training tables to race-track, horseshoe, and d-shaped collaborative environments. Sue Emerson, Territory Manager for Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming, has found this system of tables instrumental in creating active learning and training environments for her customers.

Q: What markets do you typically sell Flex Training Tables to? 
A: Most of mine have been for Higher Ed and/or general classroom use.

Q: What kinds of spaces are they being used in? 
A: Generally these are for classrooms. One project was a small K-12 library where they put them around the perimeter of the room to use with desktop computers. Any new requests I’ve received have been for collaboration.   They like the idea of being able to move the desks around, like 2 rectangular with a ½ round which can be used to break apart in small groups or put together as a d-shape collaborative space.

Q: What are your customers saying about the Flex Training Tables?
A: They like that they are very durable and mobile. The tables can be ordered with 2 or 4 casters so that rooms can be rearranged easily and quickly. They like the flexibility of being able to move them around the room. The cost is also attractive.

Q: What features do they have that customers are attracted to?
A: Cost (as stated above), but also the different sizes available. There are different widths and lengths along with round table options to meet the configuration they need.

Q: Why would customers choose this style table over another option?
A: Loyal customers know they are durable products. They also can add on different sizes and options as needed.

Discover more features of the Flex Training Table system and request a quote today! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meet Our Territory Managers! September Edition

One Wednesday each month we are featuring one of our Territory Managers. This month we're introducing you to Nathan Erwin, Spectrum’s Territory Manager in the deep south of the United States, covering Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

“I am right in the heart of SEC country,” said Erwin. “In SEC country everybody involved with the universities loves to talk about their football team for as long as you will listen. It’s a great way to connect with my customers.” 

Having graduated from Clemson University, he enjoys the banter between the different schools. He also enjoys demonstrating the InVision Access Table to the schools and businesses in his territory state. It is the perfect product for collaboration because it allows that type of learning while still being a functional, good-looking table. His customers are attracted to both the quality of the products and the ability to see it before they buy it.

“They like that we have outside reps that come onsite to perform demos, allowing them to see how a unit looks like and performs in their environment before having to buy,” said Erwin. “They know the furniture is going to be durable, reliable, and will perform like we said it would, so that prevents a lot of anxiety for them.”

All of these factors play into many customers having a bias towards Spectrum products Erwin stated.

“They really like that we ask for and take their feedback seriously,” he said. “When I tell them that is actually where a lot of our improvements come from, they are impressed with this business strategy and they start becoming Spectrum champions.”

While the customers are an essential part of the work he does, he said that the people at Spectrum really make it a great company to be with.

“The support I have received from both the outside and inside sales teams has been invaluable,” said Erwin. “Anytime I need a piece of advice or am in a bind, I know I have someone I can reach out to.”

When not traveling with work, Erwin enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Emory and his dog Larry, playing golf with his friends, watching college football, and hanging out with his family.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All-In-One Desk for Any Space!

One of the most common problems to overcome in planning a new space or redesigning an old space is how to fit everything needed into the limited space available. Often times training rooms and classrooms need to be used for multiple purposes including having computers available for projects and courses as well as desk space for projects, writing, and tests.

In response to this need, Spectrum developed an easy, all-in-one solution, the Flex InSight Desk. This desk allows for a seamless transition from an ordinary desk to a computer desk just by flipping open the top, providing quick and easy access to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Desks available in 36”, 60”, and 72” wide versions and 24” or 30” depths to fit in any space
  • Optional CPU sling when all-in-one computers are not used
  • Exclusive VESA monitor mount allows pan and tilt for optimal viewing angles
  • Monitor lid friction dampener provides support and slows the closing lid to keep hands and fingers safe
  • Large monitor compartment allows monitor to be safely raised and lowered without damage
  • Available in Expressions Line including 15 popular laminate choices and four metal colors to match any design

Recreate your space with the Flex Insight Desk – request a quote today! Don’t forget to work with your Territory Manager for product demonstrations and room layouts!