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Exploring The Future - The Final Product

This past Monday, Spectrum hosted its last Chippewa County Explorer Program (CCEP) event for the year. 
The students received their final products and were able to “unveil them.” They reviewed the Bill of Materials and the many details that go into making the product, along with the costs. They learned how the final costs for a project can change once you start making more of a certain product by looking at material pricing, increasing volume of what is being built, efficiency set-up times, etc. 

Laurie Klomstad, Human Resource Manager at Spectrum, then spoke to the group about what it’s like to work at Spectrum. She introduced the concept of the Corporate Culture and what that means to the organization and the employees who work there. She also discussed Diversity and why it is important in the workplace. Diversity can range from having different opinions to having a variety of skills among employees.
Laurie Reardon, HR Coordinator, then spoke to the group about how to complete a job…

New Product Spotlight: Mobile Device Carts

Spectrum Industries has been the leader in cart manufacturing since 1995. We are known for building mobile device carts that will last through many deployments of technology. Take a look at the great line of carts we have developed to securely store and charge your devices.

Cloud Series: Cloud32 and Cloud40
The Cloud Series is our #1 selling series of carts. Our redesigned Cloud Series carts are able to store, charge, and transport either 32 or 40 Chromebooks (up to 14”) with the option of adding our intuitive PowerProdigy™ charger.

Pro Series: Pro 20 and Pro32
Originally made to hold notebooks and laptops, the Pro Series of carts has also become popular with Chromebooks since the cart will hold any size device.The overhead wire management allows the charging plugs to hang in front of each device.

Simplify your life without breaking your budget. The Connect30 Cart is a rugged and reliable cart at an outstanding value and is highly versatile with optional features which allow it …

Exploring the Future - Sales, Assembly, Packaging, and Shipping

This past Monday, Spectrum hosted its second to last Chippewa County Explorer Program (CCEP) event for the year. The training this week was at the Johnson Street building and was lead by Laurie Reardon, Aimee Sullivan, and Denise Parkhurst.

Laurie Reardon, a Human Resource Specialist at Spectrum, spoke about how to apply for a job and how to present yourself during the interview. The group played Employ-ability Skills Bingo, where they had to see what characteristics they had, such good manners, good work ethic, eye contact, good writing skills, having a solid hand shake, etc. They also had to see what areas they needed to work on. The group also completed an Employee Misconduct Bingo, where they hopefully didn’t have any characteristics, like missing work without calling in, having inappropriate social media posts, rudeness, laziness, internet browsing or texting during work, etc.

Next Aimee Sullivan, Logistics Manager, and Denise Parkhurst, Inside Sales Manager, talked to the studen…

Meet Our Territory Managers! May Edition

One Wednesday each month we are featuring one of our Territory Managers. This month we're introducing you to Kevin Keith, Territory Manager of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Kevin Keith is proud to share his hometown with the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. As a territory sales manager for Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, his region also stakes claim to the discovery of diamonds in Pike County, Arkansas and the tallest waterslide in the world at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas. Kevin joins the accolades with his barbecue sauce recipe along with being a certified barbecue judge.

Life is pretty exciting for this former paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne who’s also passionate about Spectrum. “Our entire product line is high quality and designed and manufactured in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin,” he said. “Our management team continually strives to offer customers innovative solutions.”

His market is extremely attracted to the durability of S…