Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Product Spotlight: Spectrum Lecterns

Spectrum has taken the Inspiration Lectern and added a few changes we're sure you'll love!

Small, lightweight, and incredibly versatile, the Inspiration Plus is the ideal instructor lectern when space and budget money is at a premium. The Inspiration Plus’s clever design allows the presenter to be seated and still have leg room under the worksurface. It can be ordered in 36" or 42" heights to accommodate any setting and can be ordered in many different configurations to suit your needs. New rounded edges, sleek design, and color offerings finish out this budget-friendly lectern!

From Bare Bones to Fully Loaded with Features

This great, universal lectern also features excellent add-on options including:
• Custom Logo Panel Door
• Keyboard Tray
• Surround or Overbridge Worksurface
• Flip-Up Shelves
• Side Table
• Presenter Side Door
Spectrum Expressions color options

Find out more about this newly redesigned lectern!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Our Territory Managers! April Edition

One Wednesday each month we are featuring one of our Territory Managers. This month you have a chance to get to know Sue Emerson, Territory Manager of  Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Sue enjoys meeting the friendly folks located in the vast West Coast territory that she manages for Spectrum. “Wherever I find myself, I’m always welcomed by amazing people,” she said.

Her customers appreciate that Spectrum is an American brand that produces extremely durable products with outstanding features like smart cable management. “Our mobile device storage and charging carts for Chromebooks, tablets and notebooks are remarkable," said Sue. "We have a cart for almost every device and class size. Our lecterns are also durable like the carts and have a phenomenal cable management system.”

Listening to customers is a business practice that Sue believes makes Spectrum tick. “We listen to our customers and incorporate their ideas into our new products. We want to hear about it if there’s a way to make something better.”

Sue holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an associate’s degree in materials management. Before joining Spectrum, she worked for Marshfield Clinic. Outside of work, Sue likes to spend quality time with family and friends in her hometown of Chippewa Falls and kick back at the cabin in northern Wisconsin.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Exploring the Future - Safety and Skilled Trades

This past Monday, Spectrum hosted another Chippewa County Explorer Program (CCEP) event. The training this week, focused on safety and skilled trades in manufacturing, was led by Spectrum employees Tommy Xiong, Doug Maska, and Dave Kaduce.

Tommy Xiong discussed the next steps in the manufacturing process of the products the students began designing in previous sessions. The base portion of their product is wood, so Tommy showed video of how they make the wood board, from gluing, routering, sanding, and staining.
Before the students were going to be able to get onto the manufacturing floor, Doug Maska, Spectrum’s Safety Manager, spoke to the students about the safety regulations that Spectrum has to follow and why that is important to the business.

With safety glasses on, the students then made their way to the laser on the manufacturing floor. Dave Kaduce showed them the program that was already set up with one of the student’s designs. The students were then able to see the laser in action as it cut out the design. 

Next, the students were able to use the break press where they could see how easy it is to bend a little bit of metal. Then they were off to the powder coating area where Dave showed them the entire process of how a piece of metal gets coated, baked, and packaged for assembly.

Finally, and maybe most exciting, the students were able to see how well they could weld. After getting all the right safety equipment on, the students were able to weld two pieces of metal together. Most of the students definitely thought welding was more challenging than they imagined it would be. 

The next session will be held at the Johnson Street Office where they will go through the ATO (Assembly to Order), along with learning about packaging and shipping.

Spectrum Explorers will meet the first Monday of each month to learn about all the various aspects of manufacturing, including:
  • Research & Development
  • Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Skilled Trades
  • Logistics
  • Business/Accounting

In addition all of this, participants will receive soft skills training such as how to conduct themselves in an interview and how responsible, productive employees should act.

For more information on the Spectrum Explorers events please contact Jennifer Lindstrom: 715-738-2169 or

About the CCEP

Chippewa County businesses are opening their doors to youth and adults to share potential career opportunities in Chippewa County via the CCEP! The CCEP is a new program designed to assist Chippewa County young adults (ages 12-20) make a more informed decision about future careers and determine if a particular career is the right one for them. This program is a work-site based program that gives Chippewa County youths an opportunity to visit local businesses and explore the dynamics of various local careers. Career Exploring is new to Chippewa County and aims to help participants learn more about careers that can be pursued locally.

These Chippewa County businesses have made a commitment to Chippewa County’s youth and career development by hosting a Career Explorer Post at their business. Youth may choose which Explore Post they want to participate at- each post will provide insight into educational requirements, job outlook, and vocational skills necessary to pursue careers in that particular field.

CCEDC encourages all Chippewa County young adults ages 12-20 to participate in an open house opportunity and ultimately choose an Explorer Post in Chippewa County to participate in. For more information about the CCEP contact Alyssa Kellagher, Exploring Executive at or (715) 514-8418.