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EdTech: The Classroom of the Future

Some of you may already know what educational technology is, for those of you who don’t know edtech is a new practice that classrooms are adapting too. It takes the traditional classroom setting and flips it by using technology as the main platform of learning. Anytime there is technology involved, there is going to be controversy about whether or not it is going to be beneficial to the students or end up hurting them in the long run. According to EdTech Review, one of the biggest arguments is that by having technology in the classroom the students are going to become more distracted by the screens and focus less on the content that is being taught. While this can hold true, it is important that the teachers set clear rules and expectations for the technology and preferably use technology that the students are already familiar with, for example laptops, tablets, or smartphones. It is also important to remember that the teachers can set up parental locks on the electronics so the stude…