Monday, July 22, 2013

iPad Locker for 1:1 Tablet Programs

Secure your iPads and other Tablets without taking off bulky protective covers!

IT32 Secure Tablet Locker
Stationary, secure and ready for up to 32 iPads or other tablets, the InTouch32 Secure Tablet Locker is just what you need to manage your 1:1 tablet programs while keeping the devices safe and secure within the classroom. The IT32 Locker was developed directly from our customers’ requests for a better way to individually manage tablets. The large capacity of the IT32 allows instructors to more easily manage the entire tablet inventory in one location.

Charging plugs hang in front of every slot for easy management
Careful consideration is given to cord management by having a charging plug in front of every slot for easy tablet organization. A separate locking bay for the cord management and outlets keep connections intact and away from students.

Think "secure" when you think of the IT32. Your expensive tablets are secured with Spectrum’s custom 2-point double-bolt lock and all steel - 16 gauge - construction. There are no plastic pieces to be pried open. Further protective measures can be taken by either bolting the IT32 horizontally to worksurfaces or vertically to walls. 

The IT32 Locker's slots are the same width as the IT40 Cart pictured above
And don't waste time with removing and replacing bulky protective covers. The IT32, like in the IT40 Tablet Cart, has tablet slots that are wide enough to to handle the bulkiest of the covers like the Otter Box Defender and Griffin Survivor.

For the ultimate in 1:1 device security and organization, look no further than the InTouch32 Secure Tablet Locker by Spectrum Industries, Inc!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Round Collaboration Table? Genius!

Spectrum’s Latest Collaboration Table: Round, Affordable and Ready for Technology Integration

InVision Active Learning Pod System - Round table with technology pedestal
       A round table design         encourages collaboration
Spectrum Industries, Inc., designer and manufacturer of educational technology furniture including lecterns, desks, and laptop/iPad/tablet carts, is now bringing its expertise to furniture for collaborative classrooms. The latest of the InVision Collaboration Line is the InVision Active Learning Pod System™. The Pod consists of three mobile tables that combine with a technology pedestal that can securely house AV and collaboration technology.

Scott Dorn, VP Marketing and Sales, Spectrum Industries
Scott Dorn
“Like the other products in the InVision Collaboration Line, the Active Learning Pod System keeps the cost of sharing down,” said Scott Dorn, vice president of sales and marketing, Spectrum Industries. “A well-crafted three-section round table surrounds the heart of the collaboration; a technology pedestal."

Tables are mobile to move away from center pedestal for breakout study sessions.
Mobile tables for breakout sessions
The roundtable encourages interactive communication for up to nine adults. Each table seats three adults and has one ADA-compliant position. The tables come with both glides for stationary seating, and casters for added mobility. With the optional modesty panel, the tables can easily be used away from the technology pedestal for breakaway study groups.
       Easy access to technology       through locked door
The mobility also makes it easier to move the tables for access to the technology in the pedestal.

The stationary, three-sided, steel pedestal has a durable powder coat finish. Inside the pedestal are two shelves to accommodate your choice of AV and sharing technology. The vented pedestal aids natural chimney-effect cooling. A locking door keeps investments safe, yet allows easy access for integration. The triangular worksurface has scratch and impact-resistant laminate.
Cubbies can be added to the worksurface or to the panels of the optional riser.
Add cubbies for access to electricity and communication plugs.
Cutouts can be added to the worksurface for cable cubbies for power and communication connections. Optional risers with three customizable panels give more options for technology controls and connections.

"The pedestal," Dorn continued, "can house your choice of sharing technology to give you the freedom of choice from a full-room collaboration system to a less expensive table sharing system.”

The release of the Active Learning Pod System to the InVision Collaboration line is just in time for summer purchase and integration. Additional information can be found at the Spectrum Web site.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Laptop Cart Designed Specifically for Chromebooks

With the influx of Google Chromebooks, schools and organizations will be looking at education technology in a different way. Spectrum Industries, the nation’s leader in innovative laptop carts for charging and storage, has introduced the first cart designed specifically for Chromebooks with the Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart.

Scott Dorn
"The Cloud 32 represents the latest in a long line of products that develop from our close relationship with our customers," said Scott Dorn, Spectrum Industries Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Their adoption of this emerging product category represented an opportunity for Spectrum to fill a void in the market. We didn't want to simply add "Chromebook" to one of our existing products. We set out to create a product that supported and complemented the Chromebook Category and the Cloud 32 was born!"

Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart
Securely store and charge up to 
32 Chromebooks in the Cloud 32! 
The Cloud 32 has a small 24-inch by 24-inch footprint and has 5-inch rubber wheels to make transporting Chromebooks easy and safe. The storage bays are specifically sized for easy Chromebook handling. The innovative wiring decks hold each AC adapter to allow airflow around them and eliminate excess heat often caused from adapters placed close together.  Charging plugs are located near each bay and built-in cable holders make integration easy as they keep the cord neatly in front of the cart.

Scratch and impact resistant laminate and powder coated steel construction make the Cloud 32 durable. With the two-point locking system, the steel doors help to keep expensive equipment secure.

The release of the Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart is just in time for summer purchase and integration. Additional information can be found at the Spectrum Website.