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Mother Nature vs. the Northeast

It’s no secret that northeastern United States has been receiving more than its share of extreme winter weather this season. It was posted today that day and evening classes have been canceled at UMass Lowell. While we’re sure that the students will enjoy their long weekend no matter what the weather is, it looks like the snow will move on and they will be back Monday.

Moreover, we also know that the odds of them returning for the next semester have increased. The University of Massachusetts Lowell has invested in the latest technologies to increase retention rates and provide students with the best possible tools for success. The latest audio/video equipment enhances the material in class. Clicker (aka audience response) systems help keep students engaged in classroom topics, and measures are now being taken to allow students to revisit material after class. Videos and presentation slides can be accessed after class by outside computers or mobile devices. Which means that students lef…

CVTC’s New Learning Center – A Successful Collaborative Effort!

When Chippewa Valley Technical College opened their new Learning Center last semester, many longtime hopes and dreams of CVTC students and faculty were realized. Students wanted an open concept with readily available resources, and faculty needed greater interaction to provide the support needed to retain every student possible.

SDS Architects ( helped to make this vision a reality. More computer workstations and a variety of group study spaces are now readily available to students. As are a multitude of CVTC services – the Learning Center is home to the CVTC Library, Academic Services, Disability Services, and Diversity Services. With an open design better reflecting the comforts of home, students feel much more at ease in seeking the help they need.

One amazing achievement behind the Learning Center project is the major contribution of the CVTC students, both financially and in design. Student Government supported construction expenses of $400,000, while CVTC S…

A Salute to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Spectrum Industries, Inc. is extremely grateful for the lifetime efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. If there is one thing that has been passed down through history, demanding change through violence just doesn’t end in a win-win situation. Tolerance and respect for others was more along the lines of what King stood for.

The “civil” part of civil rights is not always the easiest of paths to take, as changes aren’t brought about easily or immediately, but it was the path that MLK chose - and ultimately laid down his life for. In remembrance of what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for, we urge everyone to be civil, to do things the right way, and to turn from hatred.

Here are some local events being held to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Take some time to see what events may be happening in your area!…

Spectrum Industries Continues Success

After a strong showing in 2010, Spectrum once again outperformed the furniture industry. According to a recent article by CabinetMakerFDM, the Furniture Design & Manufacturing market has continued to slip. The year 2010 was not nearly as negative as 2009, but sales decreased by 6.4% nonetheless. For the full article, click here.

Spectrum Industries has had the honor of being recognized in the FDM 300 for many years now. The FDM 300 is comprised of the 300 largest cabinet, furniture, millwork, store fixture, office/contract and component producers in North America. In the February 2011 edition of CabinetMakerFDM, Spectrum was recognized even further as one of a handful of FDM 300 companies with stronger sales in 2010.

While this is certainly great news to all Spectrum stakeholders, we have only our customers to thank. Customer service continues to be our pride and joy, and our loyal customer base continues to provide us with the ideas and insight needed to weather an adverse economy.…