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Educational Funding & Grants Support

Spectrum Industries works closely with educators and school administration and understands that purchasing equipment and material for education is getting harder because of the crunch on budgets and school spending. That is why we have dedicated a Web page dedicated to Funding & Grants Support for educational purposes.

There you find a growing list of possible sources for getting the funds for educational needs from classroom materials, books, AV equipment, software, programs and yes, even for furnishing your classroom. As the page grows, more information will be added to aid in you in your search for funding and information to help you write a grant.

So take a look below for some soon-to-end opportunities and then check out Spectrum’s Funding & Grants Support Web page for some more opportunities to get the funding you need.

Short Deadline

May 27 - AIAA Foundation Classroom Grant:Teacher must be an AIAA Educator Associate (Dues: $0) Can receive $200 per time and up to $1,000 in a…

The Standardized Testing Advantage: Spectrum's Flex Insight

Leaders of the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association, recently issued a policy statement endorsing standardized testing. While NEA leadership doesn’t want standardized testing to be the sole indicator of a teacher’s ability, this statement represents a significant shift in the NEA’s philosophy of excluding such tests for teacher evaluation.

Education reformers say that the tests help provide accountability, but opposition states that placing high importance on periodic testing creates stressful environments for both students and teachers. Although the NEA union still has to vote the statement into an official platform, it appears the tide is changing for standardized testing. Could the inclusion of standardized testing change the makeup of our classrooms of the future? It very well could be, and Spectrum Industries has experience in working with customers on a solution for effective standardized testing.Many school districts across the country have tak…

Teacher Appreciation Week

If you haven’t shown your appreciation to your local teachers during National Teacher’s Appreciation week, there’s still a little time left! Our teachers face an incredible amount of challenges in their line of work. Certainly the most publicized lately has been school budgets – will they have the funds they need to best prepare our kids? But let’s not forget the other issues that teachers face: defiant students, difficult parents, administrative politics, and the very under-publicized exposure to colds and other ailments in a normal classroom!

This is quite a profession that our teachers have taken on – they deserve some love here and there. Our children have an ever-increasing amount of obstacles to overcome nowadays, and our teachers play such a major part in making them feel special enough that they can overcome future hurdles. So give our teachers the support they need to make all our kids truly feel special – send a card, tell them “Thank You”, or give them a hug. Or maybe even t…