Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spectrum's Flex Insight A Big Hit in Tampa Area Schools

Hillsborough County School District has begun their first semester using Spectrum's Flex Insight Desk, and the feedback has been outstanding. Check out the latest video from Bay News 9. Teachers love how the desk facilitates online learning, and students are inspired and uplifted when they "get behind the wheel" of a Flex Insight.

This is what Spectrum Industries is all about: we don't just make educational products, we deliver products that add value. Products that maximize learning, teaching, and training. Products that inspire!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spectrum Industries Achieves Indoor Air Quality Certification

Spectrum is very proud today to announce that we have achieved the prestigious Indoor Advantage certification from SCS!!!Where our manufacturing facilities are located, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, people have a close attachment to nature and all the wonders it has to offer. Therefore it comes naturally to us to protect our environment by using clean materials, recycling at every opportunity, and being as energy-efficient as possible. Very few manufacturers can say they have won the highly regarded GSA Evergreen award, yet more and more manufacturers claim to be “green” companies.

So we felt that an independent 3rd party certification would be important. Not that it would be a big reach beyond what we already do for our surroundings, but it would give our actions and our words that much more credibility. Now, instead of just being known as a great steward to the environment, Spectrum Industries has proven that we care about the safety and health of our customers as well. Having our products certified for indoor air quality goes beyond our second-to-none customer service. Indoor Advantage certification says that we care about the people, and most importantly the children, that use our products every day.

When you open our 2011 catalog, we state on the very first page, “Spectrum Industries holds in highest regard our commitment to nature, to community, and to our customers.” With Indoor Advantage certification, that phrase is more than just nicely scripted words. That phrase proves true to what Spectrum is all about.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Special Media Director Sale

The Media Director is one of Spectrum Industries’ highest all-time selling multimedia lecterns. This lectern is not only capable of handling high powered presentations, it can do so cleanly. The Media Director design is perfectly laid out so that instructors can run presentations in a well-organized manner. Does your lectern always seem to be cluttered, without enough space to even set down your coffee cup? The Media Director has well thought-out space, inside and out, for whatever you can give it: rack rail A/V equipment, document cameras, projectors, books, laptops, and yes, coffee cups.

For our fans of the original Media Director, Spectrum has recently manufactured a limited run and we are offering it at a greatly reduced price. Normally we sell the flip-up shelf and keyboard tray as options to the Media Director, but with this run, we are even adding both as standard. After these are gone, our high-quality lecterns will be sold at regular prices, so don’t miss out!

And a big thank you to all our loyal customers – this sale’s for you!