Monday, June 21, 2010

What is your favorite color?

While attending the NeoCon show this week I was surprised to see many products were displayed in the color of white. Almost all of the desk worksurfaces were white. With so many great laminate colors available I began to think, why would all the worksurfaces be white? One idea that came to mind is that white is neutral. Maybe the designers are trying to not offend someone with a color choice. With white, Interior Designers can imagine the desk in a color that matches the aesthetic of a room’s design.

Personally, I think choosing a color in a design is important. The best example I can think of is how you dream of owning a red sports car. Some people may even find the color of their dream car to be more important than the make or model.

Spectrum designed a neat blue point a care cart for a local hospital. The client, when presented with color options, chose a rich blue color matching their logo color. Now in the multitude of mobile equipment in the hospital whenever someone needs a point of care cart they refer to the, “Blue Cart.” I think matching the company’s logo reinforced the hospitals ownership in the design. Making color a powerful design tool. So ditch the white.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

Spectrum Industries is a proud American manufacturer of educational furniture. A red, white, and blue sticker is attached to everything we ship. As such, we especially honor the American Flag on this date.

From Betsy Ross being commissioned to make one of the first flags to Francis Scott Key immortalizing our flag in literature. From Old Glory being posted at Iwo Jima to the flag draped over the Pentagon on 9/11, the stars and stripes resemble freedom and liberty, and the united effort of individuals to overcome all odds.

It took such individuals as George Morris and Bernard J. Cigrand to raise awareness for the importance of flag observation, and such organizations as the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the American Flag Day Association to influence the country to officially observe the American Flag.

We at Spectrum continue this observance with every product we make and deliver!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spectrum’s Flex Insight Desk – We Aim to Add Value

Spectrum Industries has found that the best way to build long-term relationships with our customers is to provide products that add value to their lives. In line with today’s theme of trying to get the most out of what you have, our customers in education are using multi-purpose rooms to be as efficient as possible. So to provide them with the most value we can, we have added the Flex Insight Desk to our line of multi-use furniture.

We have manufactured desks that convert from a computer workstation to a lecture desk for almost 10 years now. Remember when CRT’s ruled the computer world? Spectrum made flat panel monitor products even then! But now that computers are so integral to learning, the traditional computer lab has become quite 1-dimensional. Educators have the need to be more efficient, and we have listened to them.

So when our customers see the Flex Insight, we are expecting that they will say, well, “Wow!” We have designed this desk to be easy enough for a child to use. The Flex Insight is not a computer desk that, with some doing, makes a decent lecture desk. It is an excellent ergonomic computer desk that readily converts into an excellent lecture desk with plenty of writing space. There is really no desk out there that can compare – not only in standard features, but in price.

Take a little time to read more about the Flex Insight on Spectrum’s website. But better yet, test-drive the Flex Insight Desk at a trade show near you. Here’s a schedule of where we’ll be. Come see the value that Spectrum Industries can bring into your life!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spectrum LT Series Laptop Carts are still at the "Top of the Class!"

Spectrum Industries is widely recognized as a leader in the innovative development of furnishings for learning environments. Some of the developments have been so accepted that they continue to be at the head of the class years after their introduction.

Spectrum introduced the LT series of laptop/notebook storage and charging carts in the middle of the last decade. However nearly 7 years later these user-friendly and technology friendly  design is still un-matched in the market today. 

What makes the design superior to others on the market you ask? 
First and most importantly we listen. Our customers are instrumental in providing  critical market and user feedback. By listening to them we are able to accommodate their needs from the start. Second, we carefully review the technology being incorporated into our products. Third, we include the highest quality material available, ensuring that our products will last as long as our customers need them. Fourth, we run each new product through a series of demanding performance tests. Each new product must meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards before we release it to our customers. Fifth, our features are second to none. The unique pull-out laptop trays, the ease of mobility, the security built into each model and of course the incredible aesthetics make each cart something our customers are proud to display. Finally, we stand behind our products. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations and we cannot do that without exceptional customer service.

Still not convinced? Well just listen to what our customers are saying about the products and service they receive
"You certainly have a great product and awesome customer satisfaction. Everyone loves the new carts.  Thanks again. It's a pleasure doing business." NH customer

"They're great! We really like the Spectrum products. Thanks!" MD customer

"We absolutely love it. It's absolutely beautiful. Our technician saw it for the first time today and remarked as to what a quality piece it is. He has seen several carts and thinks this one far outshines the others." WI customer 

"Spectrum Industries; quality, service, value. The best furniture investment we have made." CT Customer

eFPM Multi-Purpose Desk Video by Spectrum Industries

Freedom Lectern Video by Spectrum Industries

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Model “A” Heaven

On Wednesday May 26th, Spectrum Industries’ Bob Kensinger presented the Up North Model A Club with a tour of our facilities. While their owners were on tour, 15 beautifully restored Ford Model A’s graced our corporate parking lot. Spectrum employees and First Avenue travelers reveled in the show.

Officially located in Minocqua, WI, the Up North Model A Club consists of a group of 1928-1931 Model A owners from Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Up Nother’s enjoy their shared interests over breakfast, Christmas parties, restoring projects, and especially while touring throughout the summer. And since we at Spectrum appreciate a classic sense of style, we were thrilled to have them tour our community!