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The Perfect Laptop Cart for the iPad!

Everyone knows that the iPad is a hot item, and if you are fortunate enough to secure this technology for your classroom (Some people are having a hard time securing just one of them for their home), you certainly want to protect them and treat them with care!

Technology Director Terry Wynn from the Unified School District #218 in Elkhart, Kansas was kind enough to show us just how well the Spectrum Industries’ LT15 goes with the iPad. Newly reinforced outlets are dedicated for each unit, and each iPad rests horizontally on a tray that smoothly slides in and out, providing a completely user-friendly environment to store and charge iPads. And talking about smooth, the LT15 comes standard with 5” balloon wheels to ensure safe transport – you even have the choice of 4 swivel wheels or 2 rigid/2 swivel wheels at no extra cost. The comparison of balloon wheels to plastic casters is like night and day!

Really - Would you put iPads in a box with cheap casters? Imagine the wear and tear from putting them in and pulling them out of a slot, compounded by the vibration caused when you transport the iPads. Such a cart would not protect your iPad investment very well at all. Spectrum's LT15, on the other hand, is the model of protection, down to the custom double bolt lock as seen embedded in the door above.

If you’re able to get your hands on the best technology available, make a serious effort to use it with the best laptop cart available – Spectrum’s LT15.

Take a look at how Apple is revolutionizing education.

Thanks again for sharing, Terry!
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